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How To Navigate the Overstreet Guide (IOS Mobile Version)

There are several ways to navigate the mobile version of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Note: If the bar at the top containing the Table of Contents, the magnifying glass for searches, and the bookmark symbol is not showing tap in the middle of the screen to reveal it.

expand bookmarks
expand bookmarks

  1. Table of Contents: If you tap the Table of Contents symbol in the top bar (three dots and three lines), you will see the letters of the alphabet interspersed with the names of some of the most often searched titles (Screenshot C). Tap on whichever of these is closest alphabetically to what you are searching for, and move forwards or backwards in the book from there, by swiping left or right, to find your desired title.
    Table of Contents

  2. Search Function: Click the magnifying glass in the toolbar at the top to pull up the search page and type a search term. This will search the entire book and show a list of all locations, with context, where your search term is found. To distinguish the main entry for a series as opposed to that text being mentioned in another series' entry, look for a search result that is displayed in capital letters and also bold. In the example here (Screenshot D), you can see page 75 contains the entry for the Batman Family series title, whereas the other search results are simply mentions of Batman Family.

    Note on searches: If you are searching for a common term (for example: Spider-Man), there may be too many results to quickly find the relevant one. Therefore, using the Table of Contents is recommended for that type of search.
    Search Function

  3. Jump to Page Number: If you would like to quickly jump ahead to a certain page number, put your finger on the tiny pages shown at the bottom and move your finger to the left or right until the desired page number is shown, then let go.

  4. Other Pricing Sections: Please note that the pricing sections for Big Little Books, Promotional Comics, Pioneer Age, Victorian Age, and Platinum Age are included in this version. However, they appear after the main pricing section. To search for something in these sections, choose the appropriate section from the Table of Contents, or simply type in a search term as these sections would be searched along with the rest of the book.