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Publisher: Marvel

The first issue of The X-Men, also known as The Uncanny X-Men, was published on September 10, 1963. It was written by Stan Lee, with cover and interior story art by Jack Kirby, and featured the origin and first appearances of Professor X, Magneto, and the original team members Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl. Given that this is the first issue of The X-Men, there are many notable first appearances. Professor X (Charles Xavier) and the villain, Magneto, both made their first appearances, along with the five original X-Men: Cyclops (“Slim” Summers), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Angel (Warren Worthington III), Beast (Hank McCoy), and Iceman (Bobby Drake). It is also worthy to note that the Cyclops Visor 1.0 made its first appearance in this issue, as well as Magneto's Helmet. In the issue, which starts out at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a class is interrupted by a mental command from the Professor to announce the arrival of a new student—Marvel Girl. The Professor then explains the purpose of the school to her, which is that while she will receive an education, she possesses powers that normal humans do not, and the students use their powers to fight against evil mutants. Meanwhile, at a laboratory near Cape Citadel, Magneto uses his magnetic powers to sink a rocket. He then commands the nearby military base to surrender, using his magnetic powers to write in the sky with dust particles. The base does not surrender and Magneto launches an assault against them. Professor X hears about this and sends his X-Men to help. They arrive and find that Magneto has a force field around himself but Cyclops uses his eye beam to to puncture it. Magneto attacks the X-Men with heat-seeking missiles, metal debris, and a burning tanker truck. The X-Men avoid all of the attacks using their super powers, and finally, Cyclops uses his eye beam to tunnel under the flames to get to Magneto. Magneto flees and leaves a force field behind himself so the X-Men can't follow. They return to the school victorious. This issue is from the Silver Age of comics, and while it isn't among the most rare, it ranks in the top 20 of the most valuable comics of the Silver Age. A Mint condition issue can sell for several hundred thousand dollars, whereas a Poor condition issue may still sell for a few hundred. It is, after all, the issue that begins one of the most popular comic franchises whose popularity continues today.

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