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Publisher: DC

Superman #1 was published by DC Comics in June of 1939. Though the character of Superman had previously appeared in Action Comics the previous year in 1938, Superman #1 was the launch of his own original series. At the time, it was almost unheard of to create an entire comic series that focused on one character who had previously appeared in an anthology. By the time Superman #1 was rolled out, the character was so popular that the first issue far outsold Action Comics #1. The story of Superman, an alien with superhuman powers who disguised himself as a reporter named Clark Kent, had truly captured the public’s attention in the space of a year. The issue features artwork by Joe Shuster and scripts by Jerry Siegel. Much of the content of the issue is Action Comics reprints, but it does contain new background information about Superman and a few new stories. The new title featured all of the iconic characters from the Superman series in Action Comics, including John and Mary Kent, Superman’s human parents, Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest, and George Taylor, the editor of The Daily Star (later to be changed to Perry White of The Daily Planet). Due to its historical significance in the world of comic books, Superman #1 is an extremely sought-after collector’s item, and according to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, is exceeded in value by only two other comic book issues - Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27. The back cover is also notable, since it features the first ever pin-up page to be included in a comic book. The demand for and scarcity of the issue, especially in high-grade, mean even mid-grade copies (Very Good to Fine) command six figures. A CGC-certified copy in FN- 5.5 sold in 2011 for $214,000. Most known copies that present in grades higher than FN 6.0 have had restoration.

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