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Star Wars

Comic Book Values

Publisher: Marvel

Introduction to Star Wars

When the movie Star Wars became an unexpected breakout hit in 1977, the logo was on t-shirts, wall posters, and lunchboxes. It was also a Marvel comic. Star Wars #1 began a six-issue arc that adapted the film before original stories took over. Most copies of Star Wars #1 carry a 30-cent cover price. A relatively few copies were printed with a 35-cent price, known as the “variant cover”, the purpose of which was to test selected markets for resistance to an impending price increase. The 35-cent variant copies of Star Wars #1 have become the most valuable book on Overstreet’s Top 10 Bronze Age Comics list. The cover of Star Wars #1 features a cover drawn by Howard Chaykin and inked by Tom Palmer. It features most of the core characters. A more masculine Luke Skywalker appears in the foreground. Only Leia’s head and Han Solo’s profile are visible behind Luke. Obi-Wan Kenobi is to Luke’s right. A green-hued Darth Vader hovers above the outline of the Death Star behind the group. Noticeably absent from the cover are Chewie (Chewbacca), See-Threepio (C3P0), and Artoo-Detoo (R2D2) as their names are spelled in the comic. Roy Thomas wrote and edited Star Wars #1. Chaykin and Palmer also penciled and inked the interiors, and Marie Severin was the colorist. The collectability of all Marvel-published Star Wars issues is at a fever pitch with the release of Star Wars movies and spin-off television shows.

Brief History of Star Wars

Most people don’t know that Lucasfilm approached Marvel before 1977 about publishing a comic book series based on the film. Curiously, Marvel mogul Stan Lee declined! Eventually Conan The Barbarian writer Roy Thomas convinced Lee to do it, with the caveat that he (Thomas) would edit the series. Star Wars #1 arrived three weeks before the 1977 release. It contained 17 pages of full-color story plus ads. By the end of the decade, it was one of the bestselling comics from either Marvel or DC at a time when sales of other titles were floundering.

How much is Star Wars #1 worth?

Star Wars #1 (35 cent variant) is #1 on the Overstreet Top 25 Bronze Age Comics list value at $11,500 for a 9.2 issue.

What is the most expensive Star Wars #1 sold at auction?

A Star Wars #1 (35 cent variant) sold in 2018 for $27,111 for a CGC 9.4 issue.

What Star Wars comics are valuable?

Star Wars #4

The 35-cent variant of issue #4 in CGC 9.6 sold in 2016 for $10,158.

Star Wars #3

Another 35-cent variant, this time issue #3 in CGC 9.6 sold for $7,1710 in 2017.

Star Wars #2

The final 35-cent variant, #2, sold in CGC 9.4 for $3,585 in 2017.

Star Wars #107

The last issue in the original series, this hard to find issue saw a CGC 9.8 Signature Series signed by 6 cast members sell for $1,700 in 2015.

Star Wars #42

Boba Fett’s 1st comic book appearance signed by Jeremy Bulloch on a CGC 9.8 Signature Series issue sold for $850 in 2019.

Star Wars #1 Cover Art

Howard Chaykin and Tom Palmer produced the first cover. Its whereabouts are unknown and subject to much speculation.

Other original art to Star Wars

Gil Kane and Tony DeZuniga take top honors for their work on the cover to Star Wars #9, selling at $52,580. Marvel mini-series Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #2 cover by Bill Sienkiewicz sold for $20,315 in 2017. Al Williams and Tom Palmer’s work on the chapter 2 title page to Star Wars #50 sold for $11,950 in 2017.

How rare is Star Wars #1?

Over 9,000 copies have been certified by CGC. It is easy to find a copy for sale.

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