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Journey into Mystery, 1952 Series

Comic Book Values

Publisher: Marvel

Introduction to Journey into Mystery

Journey into Mystery #1 began in the spring of 1952. It didn’t portend of anything special, just another horror mag in the Atlas stable. It went on to survive the arrival of the Comic Code and 1957’s down-sizing of the Atlas line. Some fine stories were crafted by the likes of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Russ Heath, Bill Everett, Al Williamson, and others during the pre-hero days of the title.

Brief History of Journey into Mystery

From 1962, Journey into Mystery #83 is the book everyone wants in this title. The first appearance of Thor. First appearances occur in rapid fashion after this. Journey into Mystery #84 features the first appearance of Jane Foster. Loki and Heimdall debut in Journey into Mystery #85. After a cameo in the previous issue, Odin thunders onto the scene with his first full appearance in Journey into Mystery #86. Journey into Mystery #102 has jumped up in recent years featuring the first appearances of Sif, her brother Balder and Hela. The Enchantress debuts in Journey into Mystery #103, the Absorbing Man in #114, and the Destroyer in #118. It’s not a first, but many clamor for the Thor/Hulk battle featured in Journey into Mystery #112. That’s not all the firsts featured in the brief 43 issue run that ends with #125 before turning into Thor but it is all we have time for.

How much is Journey into Mystery #83 worth?

According to the 2019 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide a 9.2 copy is valued at $82,000. Journey into Mystery #83 is ranked 6th on the 2019 Overstreet Top 50 Silver Age comics.

What is the most expensive Journey into Mystery #83 sold at auction?

In 2012, a CGC 9.4 Journey into Mystery #83 sold for $222,200.

What Journey into Mystery comics are expensive?

With so many first appearances in the Thor portion of the run, let’s split the high values into two groups. The first group is from the horror period. Journey into Mystery #1, in 2019, sold for $9,600 in CGC 7.5. In 2015, a CGC 6.5 copy of Journey into Mystery #6 sold for $3,705. That same year, a CGC 6.0 issue of Journey into Mystery #5 sold for $2,250. While these aren’t staggering numbers, look at the grades. Nobody collects high-grade JiMs because there aren’t any!

Journey into Mystery #85

Loki beats Jane Foster in the race for second-highest value in the run. In 2020, a CGC 9.6 issue sold for $53,300.

Journey into Mystery #84

Thor’s second appearance and the debut of Jane Foster brought $35,850 for a CGC 9.4 copy in 2012.

Journey into Mystery #89

This classic cover earned the owner $20,250 for a CGC 9.6 comic in 2013.

Journey into Mystery #112

Who won the battle between Thor and the Hulk? You will have to buy an issue to find out. Let’s hope you don’t have to spend anything like the $17,925 for a CGC 9.8 copy that sold in 2012.

Journey into Mystery #87

Loki made the list twice with his second appearance bringing $16,730 for a CGC 9.8 copy in 2012.

Journey into Mystery #83 Cover Art

Co-creator Jack Kirby is responsible for the classic cover announcing Thor’s first appearance. The art has never surfaced.

Characters from Journey into Mystery #83

Donald Blake was on his own in this tale of discovery and heroism against “The Stone Men from Saturn”.

Plot Summary of Journey into Mystery #83

Dr. Donald Blake is vacationing in Norway. Simultaneously, “The Stone Men from Saturn” are landing their invasion fleet nearby. When an elderly local resident tries to inform the village of what he has seen, he is ridiculed by the villagers. Overhearing this, the lame doctor decides to investigate. He soon discovers the aliens but as he makes his retreat, he snaps a twig that alerts the invaders. Blake runs away as quickly as he can but when he loses his cane, he fears all is lost. Up ahead, he spies a cave and hopes to lose his pursuers within. He franticly tries to move a large boulder to block his trail and fails. Exhausted, he despondently slumps to the cave floor. Suddenly a large rock door opens. Blake, believing he must have accidentally leaned against a lever, spies a gnarled stick about the size of his walking cane inside the secret chamber. He once again fails to move the boulder, attempting to use the stick as leverage. In Blake’s frustration, he slams the stick against the wall.

We now witness the transformation of the helpless American doctor to the strong Norse thunder god. Bewildered, Thor, still believing he is in reality Dr. Donald Blake reads the enchantment on the side of the hammer. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR”. After testing his new-found abilities, Thor sets out to defend the earth from this interplanetary menace. Did he succeed? I guess you’ll have to ask your Stonemen overlords for that answer.

How rare is Journey into Mystery #83?

Appearing at the same time as Amazing Fantasy #15, there are over 3,300 AF15s certified but only just over 1,900 JiMs. With 38 unrestored copies in 9.0 or above, find a nice copy is possible if you got the cash.

Original art to Journey into Mystery #83

Heritage Auctions sold the original art for page 8 of this classic Stan Lee and Jack Kirby origin story in 2010 for $65,725. The cover has never surfaced.

Other valuable Journey into Mystery art

The Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta cover to Journey into Mystery #122 featuring Odin, Thor and Crusher Creel sold for $155,350 in 2015. Crusher Creel make his presence known in the 2nd highest price paid for a JiM page at Heritage Auction as well. Page 11 from Journey into Mystery #115 sold for $71,700 is 2016. After the page from JiM #83 comes the splash page to Journey into Mystery #88 at $47,800 selling in 2011. After a plethora of Jack Kirby pages selling for more, Joe Sinnott has the top price for a non-Kirby page at $10,755 in 2017 for page 10 of Journey into Mystery #94.

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