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Iron Fist

Comic Books

Publisher: Marvel

Iron Fist #14 (August, 1977) came out with little fanfare to a comic world in the grip of Star Wars mania. Danny Rand, the titular Iron Fist, spends most of the issue battling a mysterious group that’s taken him and his friend, Colleen Wing, hostage for reasons unknown. Along the way, Fist has a fierce fight with a new villain. All pretty par for the course, except that the new villain who’s introduced is Sabretooth. The issue is a treasure trove of great work by the top X-Men creators of the day, with vibrant cover art from Dave Cockrum and an interior story by the legendary team of Chris Claremont (script) and John Byrne (artist). The issue is notable for Sabretooth’s first appearance, whose healing powers and the close ties to Wolverine are documented in future issues. In this first appearance Sabretooth makes enough of an impression that he warrants a rematch to spar with Iron Fist again in future issues. Iron Fist #14 was the next to last for the character’s initial run, with the book cancelled after the next issue. The character himself would go on to share the spotlight with Luke Cage (aka Power Man) for a lifelong friendship and a lengthy co-branded run in Power Man and Iron Fist from 1978 to 1986. Copies of this issue are not too hard to find, but do command a premium if in nice condition, compared to other comic books from the same era. And the 35-cent variant copy is the second most valuable comic book on Overstreet’s Top 10 Bronze Age Comics list, second only to the 35-cent variant copy of Star Wars #1. With Sabretooth’s significant importance in the MCU and Iron Fist’s anticipated Netflix series, this will be an issue with growing interest from collectors and investors alike.

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