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Green Lantern

Comic Books

Publisher: DC

Green Lantern #76 was published in April, 1970 by DC Comics. It continues to tell the story of Hal Jordan, the crime fighting officer of the Green Lantern Corps, an interstellar law enforcement agency, but it also changes the overall themes of the series. Issue #76 of the series revived the series and signaled a change in subject matter. The cover and interior artwork of Neal Adams and the writing of Denny O’Neill formed a powerful, highly acclaimed team that for 14 issues focused on contemporary political and social themes. This was the first Green Lantern issue to co-star Green Arrow, a crime-fighting archer. The liberal views of Green Arrow are at odds with Green Lantern’s rigid and conservative opinions, but together they are able to cause positive change. In this issue, Green Lantern attempts to stop Green Arrow from harassing Jubal Slade, but Green Lantern changes his mind after learning that the businessman is actually a corrupt slumlord. Throughout the series, Green Arrow calls Green Lantern’s attention to the serious social issues of the present-day United States, including such subjects as drug addiction and racism. Many believe that Green Lantern #76 is the comic book issue that is responsible for launching the Bronze Age of comics. Due to its radical departure from previous comic book styles and the fact that it is the first issue to introduce Green Arrow as Green Lantern’s co-star, this issue is an extremely popular collector’s item. As recent television shows have popularized Green Arrow, Green Lantern #76 has become even more in-demand by fans of both superheros.

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