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Flash Comics

Comic Books

Publisher: DC

As one of DC’s most iconic crusaders, the Flash is a superhero who has inspired comic book readers for more than 70 years. The Flash made his first appearance in January of 1940. In the book, he displays superpowers inspired by the Roman god Mercury. His speed is so fast that he appears to others as a blur. The Flash dashes up buildings, creates sonic booms and runs quickly enough to phase through solid objects. Author Gardener Fox worked with illustrator Harry Lampert to develop the character for All-American Comics. The series appeared under DC’s comic label in the book Flash Comics #1. The Storyline Jay Garrick was attending college in Keystone City until he dozed off in the school’s science lab one night and inadvertently breathed in a radioactive substance. He woke up in the hospital with the ability to move at incredible speeds. Garrick uses his superhuman speed to fight Nazi agents and felons. The original Flash’s superhero attire is resplendent with a scarlet shirt that displays a bright yellow lightning bolt. He sports blue, lightning bolt-enhanced trousers and a blue helmet equipped with yellow wings. This feature is a physical reminder of his link to the god Mercury. Notable Characters In addition to The Flash, readers of The Flash Comics #1 also meet The Hawkman, Cliff Cornwall and Johnny Thunder along with The Whip and Joan Williams. Ms. Williams is The Flash’s girlfriend. In the second book of the series, the creators focus on The Hawkman whose alter ego is archaeologist Carter Hall. Cliff Cornwall is an FBI agent while Johnny Thunder is a different kind of superhero since he has control over a thunderbolt. The Whip battles evil with his long whip. His skill is reminiscent of Zorro, and his backstory is filled with adventure and exotic locations. Flash Facts Throughout the years, different people have been The Flash, but Jay Garrick is the only one to appear without a mask. The Flash is also the first superhero to have one specialty power instead of multiple ones. He fought in World War II and is one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America. The Flash is also known as The Scarlet Speedster and The Fastest Man Alive. In the first book, The Flash shocks peoples as he dashes past them and thrills readers by playing a solo game of tennis. Collectability Pristine copies of the Flash Comics #1 have sold for as much as $450,000 while even well-worn copies, if complete, can sell for $7,000 and more. The first issue is extremely rare, so be sure to obtain an appraisal if you come across one.

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