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Publisher: DC

The creative Minds behind Batman #1: Vin Sullivan, editor of the National Comics that later became DC Comics, assigned cartoonist Bob Kane to conceptualize a new superhero following the success of Superman. Bill Finger was later brought in to write the stories. Kane and Finger worked on the artwork and stories for Batman #1, but only Kane was credited for the work. Valuation of Batman #1 is pertinent as a collector’s piece because it is the first issue with Batman as the headliner. It is also the issue where the Joker's villainous character is introduced and established. Likewise, the Catwoman character is introduced to Batman and fans although she is named the Cat at first. According to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, a copy of Batman #1 in Good condition may be valued at $25,000 and double that at $50,000 in Very Good condition. The value skyrockets to $500,000 in Near Mint Minus condition. The first issue of

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