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Amazing Fantasy

Comic Books

Publisher: Marvel

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cover dated August, 1962, Amazing Fantasy #15 is one of the most sought after comics in the history of collecting for one simple reason: it features the first appearance of Spider-Man. In addition to introducing the world to the web slinger, the book tells his now familiar origin story, introducing the world to Peter Parker, his frail Aunt May, and the soon-to-be deceased but always influential in Peter’s life Uncle Ben. Though the interior art and the first three years of Spider-Man’s adventures are drawn by co-creator (with Stan Lee), Steve Ditko, the now iconic cover, which features Spidey swinging while carrying a generic thug under one arm, was penciled by Marvel mainstay Jack Kirby, and inked by the Ditko. Unlike many modern day heroes whose origins have been tinkered with and distorted over time, Spider-Man’s origin, as presented here, is the familiar one that’s lasted to this day. From “Puny Parker” to the spider bite at the science fair, from the brief attempt at show business to Uncle Ben’s murder and “with great power comes great responsibility”, this is a tale that’s as timeless and powerful as it is familiar. From the success of this one-off, Spider-Man went on to his own series one that continues to this day, albeit with occasional renumbering. Soon after this origin issue, classic characters like J. Jonah Jameson, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson would follow as Spider-Man is bedeviled by his unique cast of villains, including Doctor Octopus, Electro, the Green Goblin, the Vulture, and many, many more. Its historical importance and relative rarity, compared with other superhero titled issues from the same era, has boosted Amazing Fantasy #15 to the top of The Overstreet Price Guide’s list of Top 50 Silver Age Comics. One of only three comic books issues to ever sell for over one million dollars, even lower graded copies typically bring thousands of dollars at auction.

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