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All Star Comics

Comic Books

Publisher: DC

All Star Comics was a comic book that originally ran from the summer of 1940 until February 1951. It was an anthology title published by All-American Publications, a company that merged with National Periodical Publications to become a part of DC Comics in 1946. Some notable writers and artists who worked on All Star Comics include Gardner Fox, John Broome, Bernard Baily, H.G. Peter and Jack Burnley. All Star Comics began its run as an anthology title featuring adventure stories and superhero stories. Some of the characters featured in the book include the Golden Age version of the Flash, Hawkman and the Spectre. Issue 3 (winter 1940-41) featured the first appearance of the Justice Society, considered to be DC Comics' first superhero team. This team consisted of the Atom, Doctor Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman and the Spectre. In the earliest Justice Society stories were actually solo adventures featuring the individual heroes, with the team meetings acting as a framing device showing the characters swapping stories. This format proved unpopular with readers, and before long the Justice Society would begin teaming up to fight crime. Most of the remaining issues of All Star Comics were devoted to the Justice Society, but other heroes would be featured as well. Issue 8 (January 1942) is notable as the first appearance of Wonder Woman in a short insert story. The story was intended to test readers' reaction to the new character. When Wonder Woman proved to be a success, she was given the spotlight in the Sensation Comics anthology title beginning with the first issue. She eventually joined the Justice Society in issue 11 of All Star Comics. In 1951, just about every superhero comic not featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman started to decline in popularity, and All Star Comics was cancelled after 57 issues. The title was revived for 17 issues in 1976 and featured modern-day adventures of the Justice Society. This version of All Star Comics introduced new characters such as Power Girl and Helena Wayne, also known as The Huntress.

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