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Action Comics

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Publisher: DC

Action Comics #1 is an iconic comic book that is coveted by collectors around the world. Original copies of the comic are nearly impossible to find, and only the most wealthy collectors are able to add the comic to their collections. Cover Art The cover art for Action Comics #1 was created by Joe Shuster, a well-known comic book artist who helped to create Superman. Major Characters Superman is the most well-known character featured in Action Comics #1. Other major characters from stories found in the anthology include: • Chuck Dawson, Chuck Dawson: The 4-G Gang (Part 1) • John Zatara, The Mystery of the Freight Train Robberies • Scoop Scanlon, The International Jewel Thief First Appearances Action Comics #1 is known for featuring the first appearance of Superman. Recurring characters from the Superman universe including Lois Lane and George Taylor were also introduced in the comic. Plot Summary Containing 11 separate stories, Action Comics #1 is an anthology that offers readers high-action story lines in a 64-page package. The most notable story in the comic is the first one in the book and is titled Superman, Champion of the Oppressed. The 13-page story opens as Superman's birth parents send him to safety as their planet is destroyed. The boy grows up as Clark Kent with adoptive parents on Earth and uses his unique powers including the ability to outrun a freight train, jump over buildings and lift incredible weights to thwart evil. When not saving the innocent as Superman, Clark Kent works at a newspaper as a reporter. His love interest, Lois Lane, is a fellow reporter and appears in Action Comics #1. Collectibility While it is difficult to determine exactly how many original Action Comics #1 are still around today due to many of these comics being part of private collections, it is estimated that between 50 and 100 remain intact. Not only are Action Comics #1 comic books difficult to find, but it is also nearly impossible to locate one of these comics in Good or better condition according to the Certified Guarantee Company's comic grading scale. The rarity and value of Action Comics #1 is evident in recent auctions of the comic. An original comic in Very Fine condition was sold for $1 million in February 2010, and another original in the same condition fetched $1.5 million a month later. A Very Fine/Near Mint Action Comics #1 was purchased for $3.2 million in 2014, making it the most expensive comic to date.

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