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Action Comics #880 Values

Publisher: DC, 2009

About Action Comics #880

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Characters: Nightwing [Chris Kent]; Flamebird [Thara Ak-Var]; Metallo; Reactron; Captain Atom [Nathaniel Adam] (headshot)

Pencils: Fernando Dagnino; Cafu (Captain Atom headshot)

Inks: Raúl Fernandez; Cafu (Captain Atom headshot)

Colors: Mazi

Letters: typeset

Notes: The Captain Atom headshot is taken from the Captain Atom second feature from issue #879.


Title: Codename: Patriot Part 2

Characters: Nightwing [Chris Kent]; Flamebird [Thara Ak-Var]; Superman; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El]; Ral-Dar [Patriot]; General Sam Lane; Lieutenant Hollister; Mirabai; Mon-El; Morgan Edge; Lois Lane; The Guardian [Jim Harper clone]; Science Police; Atlas; Metallo; Reactron; Jimmy Olsen (cameo); Perry White (cameo); Amy Rael (cameo); Blanco (cameo)

Synopsis: Ral-Dar is fleeing to Earth, followed closely by Superman and Supergirl. General Lane sends planes to attack, and Ral-Dar destroys them, leaving the others (plus Mon-El) to save the pilots while he escapes. Mon-El takes Superman and Supergirl to Science Police headquarters to discuss the situation with the Guardian. Lois also bursts in on the meeting, and has a quick (private) reunion with Superman, informing him that Chris is back. Ral-Dar has escaped to the Project, where he is known as Patriot. Nightwing and Flamebird discuss the situation, and Flamebird reveals jealousy over an autograph-seeker leaving a note with her phone numbers tucked in Nightwing's armor. Nightwing responds by kissing her, and she returns the kiss, but they decide to resume their search for Nadira and Az-Rel. But those two find them, and the chase is on. They are led into the tunnels of Metropolis, where they are suddenly weakened. Mirabi appears, and unworks her illusion on Metallo and Reactron, who were disguised as Nadira and Az-Rel.

Pages: 22.000

Script: Greg Rucka; James Robinson ("with")

Pencils: Julián Lopéz

Inks: Javier Bergantiño [as BIT]

Letters: Rob Leigh

Notes: Story continued from Superman: World of New Krypton (DC, 2009 series) #6 and continues in Supergirl (2006 series) #44. There is Kryptonese dialog in this issue, but it is all translated into English.

Data Courtesy of Grand Comics Database under Creative Commons license

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