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Don Heck (American, 1929-1995)

Comic Book Art

Who was Comic Artist Don Heck?

Don Heck was a penciler and comic artist during the Silver Age of comic books who worked mostly for Marvel Comics. During his time there, he penciled some of their most popular books, including Iron Man (of which he was the co-creator) and The Avengers. He co-created several supervillains who became famous members of The Avengers’ rogues gallery, including Power Man and the Collector. 

He switched to DC in the 1970s, working for a period on Batgirl and Detective Comics, as well as an extremely short run on Wonder Woman, where he helped to reinstate the original costume and powers of the titular superhero. He returned to Marvel in the early 1980s and worked on and off there until his death in 1995. 

What is Comic Artist Don Heck Famous For?

Don Heck is most famous for being one of the co-creators of Iron Man, who first premiered in Tales of Suspense #39. While Jack Kirby famously developed Iron Man’s trademark look, it would be Heck who stylized Tony Stark’s civilian look, as well as his secretary (and sometimes love interest) Pepper Potts. Iron Man would become one of Marvel’s most popular and enduring characters.

How Did Don Heck Get Started?

Don Heck was born in the center of the comic universe, New York City. He originally learned to draw through correspondence courses in his early twenties and quickly landed a job at Harvey Comics, where he repurposed newspaper comics into comic books. While there, he met Pete Morris, who stole Heck from Harvey when he started his own comic publisher, Media Comics. It was there that Heck would learn the rules of the trade, honing his craft until Marvel came calling in the early 1960s.

What Comics Did Don Heck Illustrate?

Don Heck is best known for his long run penciling the popular superhero team-up series, The Avengers. He worked on this book for most of the sixties and even bridged the gap into the Bronze age seventies. During his time at Marvel, he also penciled The X-Men, Tales of Suspense, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain Savage. His move to DC wouldn’t last long, but during that time he would work on some of their most popular books like Detective Comics, and Steel, the Indestructible man -- which he co-created with writer Gerry Conway.

What Comic Characters Did Don Heck Create?

Don Heck is best known for co-creating Iron Man, one of Marvel’s most enduring and popular characters. During his run on The Avengers, Heck co-created a large number of supervillains for the team to battle. The Swordsman, Power Man (who would later take a turn for good and become the hero Atlas), the collector, Black Goliath, Mantis, and the Living Laser. 

What Comic Book Publishers Did Don Heck Work For?

Don Heck spent most of his career working for Marvel Comics, and after a short stint at DC during the 1970s, he would return to finish his career there. Early in his career, Heck worked for a number of the small-time publishers that dotted the New York comic landscape including Atlas Comics, Harvey Comics, Hillman Comics, Toby Press, and Media Comics. 

How Much is Don Heck Original Comic Book Art Worth?

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