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Auction Name: 2019 November 27 Mickey Mouse and Friends - Animation Art Signature Internet Auction

Lot Number: 12260

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/121995-12260

The Small One Concept Art (Walt Disney, 1978).
The Small One is an animated Christmas-themed short subject film directed by Don Bluth and released on 12/16/78, accompanying the re-release of Pinocchio. The short takes place in Nazareth and tells the tale of a young boy and his beloved donkey, Small One, which he is forced to sell, but wants to give it a good place to go, eventually selling it to Joseph and Mary as transportation to Bethlehem. From The Small One we have a phenomenal piece of concept art. The work shows Small One as he ascends the side of a hill. The piece is signed by Disney Legend Inductee, Mel Shaw (1914 - 2012), an animator, story design and visual development artist for the Walt Disney Studios beginning with Bambi and continuing through The Lion King. Mel Shaw was personal recruited by Walt Disney to work on Bambi. The piece was rendered in charcoal on paper measuring 11" x 8.5". Condition is Very Good.

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