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Auction Name: 2019 November 27 Mickey Mouse and Friends - Animation Art Signature Internet Auction

Lot Number: 12254

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/121995-12254

Sleeping Beauty Diablo Animation Drawing Group of 2 (Walt Disney, 1959).
When Princess Aurora asked Diablo, "Why do they treat me like a child?" he replied, "Who?" Later she told Diablo, "I have met someone", he replied, "Who?" In this lot we have two terrific animation drawings of Diablo, the owl from Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty is the story of Princess Aurora who goes to live with three good fairies while they try to protect her from the curse of Maleficent. The 1959 classic film was the 16th animated feature film from Walt Disney and the last feature to be based on a fairy tale until the 1989 film, The Little Mermaid. The artwork in this lot shows Diablo helping Aurora's birds sew a dress for the princess. Each piece is rendered in graphite on 16 field 3-peghole animation paper. The artwork is in two frames measuring 20" x 17.5" with a mat opening of 15" x 12" and 19" x 17" with an opening of 14.5" x 12". Frames are sold as-is. The drawing are in Very Good condition.

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