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Auction Name: 2019 November 27 Mickey Mouse and Friends - Animation Art Signature Internet Auction

Lot Number: 12190

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/121995-12190

Canine Caddy Group of 3 Mickey Mouse and Pluto Animation Drawings (Walt Disney, 1941).
Mickey has decided to spend a day golfing, bringing Pluto along as his caddy. Pluto has the expected trouble adapting to the job, but his duties are made doubly challenging by a pesky gopher who doesn't particularly relish the new visitors to his turf. This short was released on May 30, 1941 and was directed by Clyde Geronimi. This was one of the first cartoons starring Mickey to be released after his updated Fred Moore design had debuted a couple of years earlier. However, in this short, the Disney artists took it a bit further - not only had Mickey lost his tail and been given a new face, but here in this outing, his ears actually changed according to the rule of perspective! This look proved to be a bit less successful with audiences and so, while his other changes remained, his ears reverted back to their former "physics-defying" way of moving. The animation produced during this period was notable in its sophistication - the Disney staff had truly reached the zenith of their powers. Their confidence in their abilities certainly shows in the incredible draftsmanship and the complicated animation being produced by the staff. The two drawings of Mickey can be seen at the 2:24 point in the film, when Mickey takes a pair of shears out of his pocket, to trim a path through the green to the hole. The drawing of Pluto can be seen just moments later, near the 2:30 mark. Mickey has still somehow managed to miss his shot, but Pluto stealthily knocks the ball into the hole. This sequence of drawings features cheerful, smiling images of Mickey - and a concerned-looking Pluto, both with full-body depictions. They are rendered in graphite and colored pencil on 12 field 5-peghole animation paper. The drawing of Mickey holding the shears aloft has some noticeable creasing along both top and bottom edges, as well as significant edge-wear and a torn corner in the upper right (image is unaffected). Drawing of Pluto has had some "repair work" done along the bottom edge; a strip of pegholes has been reattached with masking tape along the bottom edge, so as to correct a registration error. (Once again, the image area is left unaffected.) Drawings are in Fair to Good condition.

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