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Auction Name: 2019 November 27 Mickey Mouse and Friends - Animation Art Signature Internet Auction

Lot Number: 12068

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/121995-12068

The Riveter Group of 3 Donald Duck Animation/Color Model Drawings (Walt Disney, 1940). Donald Duck needs a job. He sees a sign - "Riveter Wanted" - and decides to apply...never mind that he has no experience. How hard can it be? Things go about as smoothly as we might expect. Pegleg Pete (by this point, minus the pegleg) also appears in the film as the foreman. He is not quite so dastardly in this film; he gives Donald a fair chance, and only ever gets truly angry when Donald messes up. The short film was directed by Dick Lundy, and was released on March 15, 1940. This sequence of drawings can be seen near the 4:45 point in the film. Donald has his foot caught in his riveting gun and the machine seems to grow a mind of its own! The gun drags carries him across one of the steel beams, in its teeth-shattering frenzy, and nails down another construction worker by the seat of his pants. This is one of the funniest Donald sequences we have seen! The pig construction worker is caught in the moment of his "surprise take" - while Donald grimaces as he is flailed about by the out of control rivet gun. Donald himself is rendered in graphite and colored pencil - and is shown in two exaggerated "extreme" poses, as he is thrashed to and from by the runaway air hammer. The drawing of the pig construction worker is truly unusual - he is fully colored in with different colored pencils, to serve as a color model drawing to the Ink and Paint Department. Further, each color is labeled in what is termed "color call outs." The drawing may have served double duty, as both an animation drawing and a color model drawing. All three drawings are unusually large in terms of the image area, with each taking up nearly half the page. Minimal handling; slight toning to paper. All are in Very Good condition.

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