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Auction Name: Sunday Comics, Animation, & Art Weekly Online Auction

Lot Number: 17172

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Ralph Mayo Jet Fighters #6 Splash Page Original Art (Standard/Pines Comics, 1953). Wartime can create or sustain a genre of comics -- superheroes vs. Nazis during World War II, then American soldiers against the North Koreans during the early 1950s. Where the fall of the real-world Third Reich put many costumed heroes out of work, the Korean conflict inspired a comic-book switch from costumes to U.S. uniforms. This airborne splash comes from one of the finer such stories, "Awkward Squadron," about a resourceful team of misfits -- a precursor of the more famous Losers and Suicide Squad outsider-soldier series at DC Comics. Ink over graphite on Bristol board. Image area, 12" x 18". Moderate toning, more pronounced at edges. Very Good condition.

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