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Auction Name: Sunday Internet Comics, Animation, & Art Auction

Lot Number: 13658

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Edward Beard Jr. - Fantasy Limited Edition Prints Group of 6 (c. 1999). A fantastic set of prints by Edward Beard Jr., whose work over the last 30 years has made him a master in illustrating fantasy worlds filled with magic and mythological creatures. Includes The Spell of Lord Soth (#254/500) from Dungeons & Dragons, three prints from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series titled Raken (2 copies #26/2000 and #40/2000), Draghkar (#15/2000), and Voice of the Throne (#12/2000), as well as a print from an unknown series of a knight on horseback (#36/1000). The prints measure 13" x 10" and have been matted to an overall size of 16" x 20". Signed and in Excellent condition.

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