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Auction Name: Sunday Internet Comics Auction

Lot Number: 13091

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/121807-13091

Tenny Henson and Jerry Serpe Secrets of Haunted House #43 Story Page 5 Original Art (DC Comics, 1981). An unusual foray into the BEM school of science fiction (short for Bug-Eyed Monster) from a title that usually dealt in spooky business. Everything about the piece is unusual, for that matter, from the stark, high-contrast imagery to the use of a page-stock with a deeply textured surface, designed for crayon-shading to achieve a Craftint-like effect -- as far as one gets from a DC house-style appearance. Ink and crayon over graphite on grid-textured Bristol board. Image area, 10" x 15". Excellent condition.

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